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Lets ruin football


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Just seen something on Sky Sports news about some proposed ideas that Fifa have come up with.


this article covers some of them


extending half time for 5 minues, under the false guise of 'giving players more time to recover' is an absolute joke. In any case, half time is already normally 15-20 minutes long. if they officially extend it to 20 mins, we're going to be getting 20-25 mins of half time just so more advertising time can be sold.


How about canning so much pointless international football so that players can get more of a rest?


They're also going to be discussing Sin bins. The idea is terrifying - Man U players will get away with murder, and the other team will be down to 7 players for 10 minutes. And in other matches I think it will just result in dull football, teams with a player down just defending, and killing the game.


And the one useful thing on the agenda - goal line technology - will be discussed, but not voted on. bunch of idiots.

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