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Winds me up soooo much!


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We got a call from Whitegates last week saying someone has rung up saying they want to view our house. Jolly good. Sunday 10am it was scheduled for.

So on Saturday as soon as the match finished me and the wife got on the case with the cleaning. Cleaned the house top to bottom and made sure it was spotless. Finished at about 11pm and we were both knackered. Got up this morning, no chance of a lie in. Got my son up and had his breakfast ready for me to take him for a walk whilst the wife waits in for the people to come for the viewing. It got to 10:20am and they hadn't shown up... 10:40am still no show.. So I told the wife to come and meet me and my son at the park.


Now it f***s me right off, not just the time spent cleaning the house and getting prepared. But the fact we put any plans we had aside for this morning so that people could come to view the house and after all that the c**** can't be bothered to show up..


I told the wife tonight that I am going to ring whitegates in the morning and tell them if the couple ring up to rearrange another viewing then to tell them we aren't interested. The wife says we might be cutting off our nose to spite our faces, but I am sick of pricks being selfish.

This has happened a few times before. One excuse was that the person had a funeral to go to and was too pissed to drive to ours, which may well have been true, but a courteous phone call to the estate agent wouldn't go amiss....



winds me right up.

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