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utility prices soar

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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A barmaid spoke of her disbelief today after receiving a £90m electricity bill.


Alison Turner, 50, of Cambridge, was stunned when the demand from npower arrived through the post on Saturday.


The mother-of-two, who lives alone in a one-bedroom flat, normally spends about £20 every two weeks to top up her pre-payment electric meter.


But the letter said: "We have checked your account and there is a balance to pay of £90,454,217. This is because your token meter was undercharging you because our prices have changed since it was last reset."


The letter said the "balance was now due" and invited Turner to contact the energy company to "discuss repayment options".


"I know energy bills have gone up but this is ridiculous," Turner said.


She said she switched to npower in November, but changed suppliers again four weeks later.


An npower spokesman said: "We found the letter and what has happened is our eight digit account number has been inserted in place of the outstanding balance. It was a human error.


"When the customer contacted us, we immediately apologised and wiped the debt, which was actually £22."

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Guest Raisbeck

nPower are muppets.


We had a bill for 60 quid one quarter, then a letter in 2nd quarter saying we had accrued 1200 quid of charges despite it being summer, next minute they wipe the charges off and say we have actually overpaid on previous quarter.

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nPower are muppets.

Not a patch on United Utilities, who cancelled our Direct Debit, and then I started to get fvcknin Debt Recovery (Baliffs) letters.

It's the actual time and stress talking on the phone to faceless cvnts.

One day I am going to invent a phone, were you can actually reach down the phone, and enable you, when calling utility companies, to rip the over cvnts throat out.

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