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FAO $880,000 (no pound sign here) and snookiejane


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That's a great question. So far as I know, any defined meaning has been lost/forgotten. You'd probably need to visit some centegenarians in Alabama and ask them, though I doubt they'd know either. I will be truly impressed if anyone here can come up with a definitive answer. I bet fyds will give it his best.



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record label?

That's the only place I heard of it before but its unlikely that its where it came from. Tim's right. its origins appear lost but maybe it was just a made up phrase because the lyrics of Ed Bell's song of the same name don't make a whole lot of sense.





These are my mamlish blues, gonna tell you just what they mean

Used to be my sugar but you ain't sweet no mamlish more

Because you mistreated me and you throwed me from your door

Mama my pack's ready, keep it for my mamlish self

Mama I done got tired of sleeping by myself

Well my Mama didn't like me, my papa give me mamlish ways

That's the very reason I'm a wandering child today

Talking about your sure love but you just ought to see mamlish mine

She ain't so good looking but she do just fine

She the man on the corner, see she going to steal that mamlish man

And a blind man seen her and a dumb man call her name

And the dumb man asked her who your regular man can be

And the blind man told her you sure look good to me

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I came across this word when in Memphis a few years ago, and the explanation I got then was that it was an 'intensifier' similar to inserting 'Goddam' infront of a word but slightly more vulgar.


Amazingly, I got an identical explanation during a Google search last night...are you fyds in disguise? :lol:



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