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Arab Strap have split up


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A sad loss






Updated Friday 8th September, 2006

Yes, it?s the end for Arab Strap. After ten years, six studio albums, three live albums and all manner of everything else, we?ve decided the story should come to a close. There?s no animosity, no drama, we simply feel we?ve run our course and The Last Romance seems to us the most obvious and logical final act of the Arab Strap studio adventure. Everybody likes a happy ending!

We will, of course, be celebrating. Our anniversary compilation, ?Ten Years Of Tears? (see below) will be released this October/November and we are planning what will be our Farewell Tour (which sounds kind of cool) around the release in the UK and Europe (we?ll post the dates over the weekend). We hope you?ll be able to join us, but if you can?t make it then let us take this opportunity to thank you for listening.

It is midnight on the 8th of September 2006 and I have just opened a beer.


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