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Its not a bad game. Its great to have a game on when you are having a few scoops because if anything does happen theres plenty of time for the TV to keep replaying it so you don?t actually miss anything. In fact you can watch a wholse game in about 3 minutes!!


I went to a game though last night. Company suite etc etc ? nice grub ? didn?t drink as it was only the bud pish ? decent company ? but 3 hours to watch a f***ing game?? It truly was terrible. Worse than watching Cambridge United play in the days of the original hoof down the field.

For 90% of the time there is NOTHING to see. NOTHING. Of all the conversations last night not one of them was about the game going on in front of us. Because there is nothing to talk about. AT ALL EVER.



Sigh. What made it worse was that the new stadium they have built here and spent a fortune on was on the site of the pitch that the local footie team used to play ? and they would get about 2,000 a week to watch ? now they are shuned off to a local college and its too far out of town ? the attendances are down to about 400. If only the money had been spent of promoting footie. What a f***ing waste.

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