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My little cousin is only 18, anyway she is a typical 18 year old girl and has not long had her first credit card which she has used more or less up to the limit


Anyway, she went to the petrol station the otrher day and filled her car up, when she went in to pay she tried to use her card but it was declined, she had not kept track properly of what she had been spending, she apologised etc, gave the assistant all her details and showed her ID (her driving licence) and said she would pop back in with the money. The petrol station manager started getting quite aggressive and said she had to be back within an hour or he was going to call the police


She is dead shy and would not ask her mum for the money so she gets a knock on the door the next day and a police man is there, anyway this police man was pretty agressive and threatened to lock her up if she did not take the money to the garabe by tonight.


Now, I am going to go down and pay this tonight, but I was a bit angry when I found out about how agressive the police and garage had been so decided to investigate this.


I have been told by a solicitor and the citizens advice that she had in fact NOT even broken any law, as soon as she attempted to pay for that fuel and then voluntarily left her details this then became a civil debt matter between her and the garage. It is not a drive off, which is a criminal offence, as soon as you attempt to pay, then it becomes a civil debt matter and the police should not be involved


I just want to check this out with anyone who knows these things on here because I am going to speak to the policeman tonight and ask him why he is initimidating young girls and threatening to lock her up for something that is not even illegal.

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