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Internal Job move justified.


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a week ago I was offered an internal move - similar type of job but with a different boss. My current boss was at the same level as me but had been at the company longer. She then proceded to fill the department with people who'd worked for her at her previous company effectivley leaving just me as the outsider - and it wasn;t looking pretty for me as I was being forced out.



so the move came at a perfect time - really looking forward to the new role - should be fun.


anyway yesterday was small gathering at her house to say thanks for a project we'd been working on - nice house she's got - made sure she mentioned the house prices around her....


so she's had a swimming pool added - and I have to say it has been done really well. nice deep end, small diving board etc.. Nice day out - the kids enjoyed the pool, nice bbq. Towards the end I had to for a piss so I headed off to the toilet. as I washed my hands afterwards I was lloking at the books in there.. 2 O'reillys and to top it all - Ann Coulters latest... clearly I've made the right decison to get away from her..


so, avioding the desire to vomit over Coulters book I head back out pool side. Just got there when the wife stopped me to say there was a problem... My smallest was having a wonderfull time in the water.. so good that she stayed int he pool instead of heading to the toilet.... and it wasn;t just a piss....


As my wife had to work we decided that it was a good time to leave.. I did do a subtle scan of the pool and am pleased to report that somewhere in New Hampshire an Ann Coulter supporter has a few small turds at the bottom of her pool - the one her and her sycophants were swimming in as I left.



I couldn;t find it in my heart to tell my little girl off....

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