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Went out for a meal tonight....


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As the topic suggests, went out with a big group of friends tonight to a Japanese restaurant but got sat with some people we didn't know so well. After a bit of conversation, it was established that both of them (bloke and his girlfriend) were vegan. I didn't think much of it until they said they were ordering miso soup for starters. Now, I've always though that miso soup was fish based, which I've now checked and it is. But they would not believe me, saying they had it all the time and it was fine and if it was fish-based, they both would throw up as thats what happens when they eat meat of any kind ( :rolleyes: ).


Anyway, they were getting so arrogant and uptight about the miso soup, I just left it after my initial advice and watched them gulp it down. When the waiter came, the lass asks him "Andy here thinks miso soup is fish based!!! Haha!" and started laughing at me. But then to my complete joy, he says "Of course it is, the base is baby sardines"


To which the lass and her b/f both go a funny green colour, look at each other, shove their fingers down their throat AND VOMIT BACK INTO THE MISO SOUP BOWLS, in front of the waiter and 10 other people.


Needless to say, coversation was stilted afterwards and we made a quick exit after they said they were fine for drinks next door at a pub.



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