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lack of a handshake..


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Apparently, Rafa was "concentrating on my team" at the end of the game yesterday and so did not manage to shake hands with Maureen... Well, if that is the case then he ought to snub every manager at every game until he retires..


Ok, so I know Jose started this little spat at the end of the cup semi but should Rafa be descending to this level? Mind games between them are now part and parcel of the game but this detracts from what was a very promising performance and will only cloud the build up to the next game, and the one after that etc etc. Getting the 'score' back to 1-1 to show he is not afraid to play dirty is one thing but shouldnt we be above such pettiness?


I remember when lord ferg and wenger were engaging in this in recent years I got to the stage of wanting to bang heads together as the red tops got more and more excited about the 'will they, wont they?' debate in each build-up.


It would be applying double standards (a trait we are all capable of) to simply say, "go get him rafa" now.


These are two great managers and it is great to see them sparring but surely they have better ways of achieving whatever advantage they are seeking?

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