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Just back from the match

Gunga Din

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f*** me, that was hard work, why cant we just turn up and put these teams to bed early. tonight we looked very nervy and rusty in places i thought, i dont know how it came across on the telly, but thought Riise had an awful game, infact, the entire back 4 were caught square far to often. the whole team seemed unbalanced for some reason.


plus points though, Pennant was outstanding, IMO far and aay the best player on the park. Sissoko was great too, but for a team with arguably the best midfield in Europe, we just didnt get going tonight. we should be dominating far more in midfield, when we moved the ball around quicky, Maccabi couldnt keep up, but in the middle, Sissoko aside, we just lacked urgency.


anyway, we won, but this tie is far from over, and i feel we will need to improve a lot over the next few weeks in order to hit the ground running in the Premiership, and hopefully finish off this tie with a bit of style in the second leg

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