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Things you can't take to Texas

Guest Scot

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I'm going to Austin next month for a conference and received this helpful list by email of thing I shouldn't put in my hand luggage.




Items Prohibited from Airline Cabins


The following items will not be allowed through the security checkpoint. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. In addition to items specifically listed here, other items that may be deemed to present a potential threat may also be prohibited.


* Ammunition

* Automatic weapons

* Axes

* Baseball bats

* BB guns

* Billy clubs

* Blackjacks

* Blasting caps

* Bows and arrows

* Box cutters

* Brass knuckles

* Bull whips

* Cattle prods

* Compressed air guns

* Corkscrews

* Cricket bats

* Crow bars

* Disabling chemicals or gases

* Dog repellent spray

* Dynamite

* Fire extinguishers

* Flare pistols

* Golf clubs

* Gun lighters

* Gunpowder

* Hammers

* Hand grenades

* Hatchets

* Hockey sticks

* Hunting knives

* Ice axe/Ice pick

* Knives (any length)

* Kubatons

* Large, heavy tools

(such as wrenches, pliers, etc.)

* Mace

* Martial arts devices

* Meat cleavers

* Metal scissors with pointed tips

* Numchucks

* Pellet guns

* Pen knives

* Pepper spray

* Pistols

* Plastic explosives

* Pool cues

* Portable power drills

* Portable power saws

* Razor blades (not in a cartridge)

* Religious knives

* Replica weapons

* Revolvers

* Rifles

* Road flares

* SCUBA knives

* Sabers

* Screwdrivers

* Shot guns

* Ski poles

* Spear guns

* Starter pistols

* Straight razors

* Stun guns/shocking devices

* Swords

* Tear gas

* Throwing stars

* Toy transformer robots

(this toy forms a toy gun)

* Toy weapons

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