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If you can get a ticket mate go for it.


Your lad will be fine if you keep him close enough to you, I take my lad the United and BS games all the time and he is still only 7.


The Derby is a little more animated and there will obviously be plenty of swearing but I'm guessing your expecting that anyway, it all adds to the fun.


Away days are a completely different story.


As for what to do on the day, musuem and stadium tour will make his day, bit of a shop and try and get in one of the local pubs for an hour before hand to join in the banter/songs


Hope you's have a great day


What he said.


There are too many of these package deals for my liking but whilst they are still out there you may as well take advantage or someone else will.

I can see why people might feel it is a bit unfair for someone who has never been before to somehow get a ticket for the derby, but how many of those same people would turn down a ticket for, say, Celtic v Rangers, Milan v Inter or Real v Barca, if they were prepared to do the travelling required, on the basis that it wouldn't be fair?


Don't get me wrong, I can see why people aren't totally comfortable with this and I suppose I would even say to glen celtic to make sure that his next visit is to a 'lesser' game. What takes the piss is people who only ever want to go to the 'big' games - not someone planning a one-off trip for their kids' birthday. These deals do cut down other people's chances of getting there (myself included as I only share a season ticket) but glen celtic sounds more deserving than some who get tickets this way.


NB I don't think the stadium tour is available on match days, though I may be wrong. Take your son over to have a look at Goodison instead and show him what grounds used to look like when they were still made of wood and people were happy to sit behind big pillars. Like stepping back in time it is.

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