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  1. Mick_G


    Same here, whole year 11 sent home and told to isolate for 14 days 'Your Son may have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19' Fun times.
  2. Mick_G


    They are going to potentially sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives in the hope of keeping the economy moving aren't they, it's okay though cos they have put money aside for the NHS to be able to cater for all the poor people dying, we just need to shut up and get on with doing as we are told.
  3. Mick_G


    BOOM! Did we ever doubt him? Lets build another dynasty.
  4. Mbappe i reckon, dunno why but the whole Nike thing, the Trent bromance, Klopp chatting to his auld fella, little other bits and bobs... they may say i'm a dreamer...but i'm not the only one...
  5. Mick_G


    I'm feeling more like me again today was in bed most of yesterday but seem to have more energy back today and chest has eased slightly. Heartbreaking scenes in Italy, we need to lock the UK down and enforce it https://www.facebook.com/100000996733964/videos/2853158921393971/ Look after yourself mate, take things easy.
  6. Mick_G


    Didn't they just outright lie that they are still testing everyone, or can i expect someone to get in touch now to test me retrospectively? Was floored and in bed most of yesterday with a temperature, bit better today, temp is down but this cough is horrendous still. Made the right decision keeping the kids home i think...2 weeks new advice by which time i reckon they will be all closed anyway. The Government clearly don't know what their doing...erm don't go the pub but pubs can erm stay open just in case people want to ignore us...madness.
  7. Mick_G


    Top man, i have tenants due to move out of a property i rent out in Liverpool too next month, if they don't get stuck and need to stay and still leave there's a 3 bedroom semi available if needs be,
  8. Mick_G


    Can molby help with drugs ? this is a new development that i was unaware of could help me through this crisis!
  9. Mick_G


    Top man as usual, good karma mate you are one of the good guys as always, total respect.
  10. Mick_G


    That's mad, they should be testing you before sending you back. Hope you feeling better though mate. Think am gonna keep the kids away from school next week if i am self isolating then they will defo have it as well, just seems the responsible thing to do.
  11. Mick_G


    Yeah it is a bit, people with symptoms however mild should be allowed to take a test if they so wish in my view.
  12. Mick_G


    The Northwest primary care doctor just called me. Testing for people with suspected Coronavirus terminated yesterday as advised by Government officials. Anyone with symptoms should assume they have it and self isolate for 7 days, even if it is just a mild persistent cough as the likelihood is you do have it. If your symptoms or breathing difficulties worsen to the point you feel you need urgent hospital care then you should phone 111 or 999 for an ambulance, tests will only be carried out on people who have symptoms consistent with coronavirus and are that severe they have been hosp
  13. Mick_G


    Yeah looks like they were not going to call me back at all . Issue for me is that if you get tested for it it even with mild symptoms and it's positive then it's black and white - you know you should isolate and act accordingly. Telling anyone with a cough or sniffle to self isolate without being tested won't work because most people will think 'ah i'm fine it's nothing' and carry on as normal. They are setting drive throughs up at Wallmarts in the US for people to get tested while we have a call tree answering service aimed at trying to deflect you speaking to anyone.
  14. Mick_G


    Called 111 again they are now saying they are not testing anyone with symptoms and to self isolate as per Government advice. Told them my employer is waiting to hear my results after being told yesterday i needed testing as i have been in meetings up and down the country all week and they need to let the people i have been in contact with know and also the offices/sites.....all feels a bit of a mess and irresponsible they are not testing people anymore.
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