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Rafa pre-season


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God I love this man.


Both of the last two games he has been as attentive as any league game even though they are pre-season games against lower league teams and with a mix of youth and full time players available. He's there dragging players to one side, having a word, doing his hand magic and almost constantly on the touchline coaching the players.


There was one bit today where we were on the attack and it broke down and he brought sinama and bellamy from the bench to the ad boards and spent a couple of minutes highlighting what went wrong and what should have been done against their defense in the situation.


he's the boss and he's f***ing boss. The man, for all I know and have heard of him, simply lives football.


You'd hate to play for him if it's money and an easy time you're after as he proper makes you earn it. He makes you change.


He is building a squad that has reflects own mindset, ambition, and quest for perfection. A squad in his own mould. No prima-donnas or career professionals etc and it shows. If I was in his team he's the kind of perfectionist with passion that I'd gladly die for simply because he'd take me to the level of glory that few others would.


He will bring home number 19. It will be this year.


in fact I'd go so far as to say as he's God and Robbie is Lazarus in this Rafalution :D

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