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I'm not going to slate our Chairman. He has been one of the most dignified people in Football for the last ten years; he is also very obviously a big fan. As a person and as a fellow red I think he is a terrific human being. My next door neighbour was best mates with his step son - we've discussed it a lot with him being a fellow red. A terrific set of people. His life has been beset by tragedy as well as many highs.


Those things, though, fall far short of what is needed to be the Chairman of a major organisation Like LFC, in football or elsewhere. This is where my only problems with him are.


He has been given massive amounts of money in his life; he received huge financial recompense for the tragedies that have bestruck him. He has inherited great wealth and he was given his shares in LFC. Those shares have sky rocketed in value and to be fair, he has never invested any of his wealth in the club.


He has tried to start business ventures in his life. Every business he has started has gone bankrupt.



I reckon he was ready to sell up for whatever he could get before we won the Champions League. I also reckon that the Champions League win changed his thinking on that. Now he is ready to sell but seems to be holding out for higher than potential investors seem to think his shares are worth.



This seems a balanced article, together with Forbes valuing of what clubs are worth.


According to LFC History - 1 , 2, 3, 4, our net spend on players has been £12mill a year under Ged and Rafa. Is that a sufficient outlay ?



Now is the most optimistic I have been as a red since the early 90's. It seems to have been 15 years of looking for the final piece of the puzzle. I'd suggest that is down to Rafa not any of the board, mind you. On that basis I would fear for our future again if Rafa should leave in the near future, without finishing what he has started.


I'm open to what any of you has to say about Moores and I am hoping it is positive. As a human being I hold him in high regard, but as a Chairman I have strong doubts. Maybe someone can change my mind because I really do rate him as a person ?

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