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  1. I would have thought you sell the player when he stops adding value to the team not the club coffers. So sack that idea. My brother (West Ham fan) was speaking to Steve Staunton on the train last week on way back from work do. He was saying how West Ham wanted burrows instead of him in the Julian Dicks deal. Marsh got thrown in as well. Think he was annoying him as he was half pissed still. He asked for 1 juicy bit of gossip before he goes. SSt said "the one player Klopp really wants is Son from Spurs. He then buggered off to the next carriage for some peace. I wouldn't say no myself, he'd bring goals etc. Be interested to hear what your thoughts are. Soz if this rumour has been mentioned haven't read the whole thread.
  2. Didz

    Joe Gomez

    Agree he deserves his chance and needs game time. Also put him on free kicks. Saw something on you tube earlier and he got 5/5. Am not being completely serious but he clearly has a talent for them. It was no fluke. Was well better than Trent, firminio, shaq.. If it was a Brazilian or no 10, people would be proper raving about him
  3. Ye man cheers. They do us proud home and away. Credit where it's due. Its special, unique. Classic and glaring example of how we differ to others. Did you notice all the empty seats at city on sat. In fairness not even Utd do that often. But you can just tell that they view us with envy regarding the kop and our mid week exploits. I'm biased but even if I wasn't red I'd recognize the difference. I said we edge it but really we smash em. We're miles ahead with originality, passion and it sure as hell works. Messi was rattled last year.
  4. I don't post much but have enjoyed browsing recently but let's have we're getting spoilt at the moment and long may it continue. I was just watching old footage online 'walk on ' when Paisley said his best and proudest moment was in Rome 77. When the kop transported itself and the players did the biz on the pitch. It just reminded me just how how much of a special club we are. There's a lot of f'kin great clubs but we edge it. Most top clubs have a rich history of glory, tragedy, failure and pride. But with our players, fans, stadium and mostly the way the club does things. We're extra special. Alot of people on here contribute to that history and special nights. So basically f'kin good on you's and I'm jealous of you all.
  5. Thank feck for half time. We knew they were gonna come at us hell for leather. We're lucky to be 1 down. Can't be any worse this half. Still quietly confident.
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