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  1. Was a tad shaky and (understandably) cautious first half, thought he was excellent second half. Possibly a sign of things to come? Certainly some positives tonight
  2. There's rumours that we're after Neil Etheridge of Cardiff, he's a decent keeper from what I've seen. Whether he'd be happy to come here as back up is debatable mind.
  3. Liverpool v Oldham 17 August 1991 In the KOP Att: 38,841 Brucie Ablett Burrows Nicol Whelan Wright Saunders Houghton McManaman Barnes McMahon Went one down in 5 mins (that wasn't part of the plan), a Houghton header and a Barnes goal meant we won 2-1, magical day
  4. Jammy as f**k but we'll take it Spurs and United will need to get points off City to ensure top 4
  5. Yeah, I get that, but I think the blatant pen not being given should have been spoken of as much as the other handball especially when they were saying the winning goal shouldn't have stood and the game should have finished 3-3?
  6. Just watched MOTD, they literally mentioned the Townsend handball once and moved on to talk about something else within 5 seconds, yet showed the Robbo handball a number of times (at least 4/5 times), also stating the winning goal shouldn't have stood. C*nts
  7. If we can't get Allison or Oblak this Summer, as a short term measure, let's just get Buffon on a free for a year, better than the other clowns
  8. That's a cracking first 6 games, at last!!
  9. Can's challenge was a perfectly executed slide tackle not on the counter
  10. So you would say Can's early booking was in the same ballpark as Valencia's 'challenge'???
  11. Chicharito for me, would score a bagful for us imo
  12. We need to let it be known the price is €150m, no add ons or any of that bollux, that amount of money up front or see you later. Injured again? Is he fu*k the sh*thouse
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