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Is it time to give Ciise a run of games up front?

Tobes Rafa

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Now I am not having a go at the team because we are in the middle of a dry spell. I am looking at alternatives to what we have up front. Like the rest of you I feel that it is right for Ciise to move on in the summer because he is just not good enough - likewise Morientes - HOWEVER, the favoured pairing of Crouchy and Moro is just not producing enough goals. I know Cisse is getting the odd game out on the right but he is not producing goals out there either - even though I thought he had a decent enough game last night.


I'm just wondering if it is worth giving him a run of games up front. If he doesn't score he doesn't score but he can't exactly score any fewer than Moro and Crouchy and who knows, with a rack of games in succession under his belt he could hit the sort of form we have been waiting to see from him. I would give Momo a rest for a few games (depending of Stevie G's fitness of course) and bring Garcia in on the right. Harry and Luis on the wings with Stevie and Xabi on the centre.


Anyway, just wondering.



Mods please delete - in my haste to post before getting back to work I didn't notice the Ciise thread below! Apologies!

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