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FA probe Jose

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The Football Association has written to Jose Mourinho to ask him to clarify the comments he made after last Saturday's game against Wigan when he claimed that Lee McCulloch was "cheating" during Chelsea's 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.

The FA are particularly sensitive to allegations which use the word "cheat" and a misconduct charge could be forthcoming if Mourinho's explanation is deemed inadequate.


The Chelsea manager's anger was sparked when David Connolly allowed the ball to run out of play in the second half because McCulloch was on the floor clutching his ankle. Mourinho instructed William Gallas not to give the ball back to Wigan at the throw-in because he felt McCulloch was feigning injury.


When a player is injured," he explained in a post-match interview, "we give the ball back. When a player is cheating, we are not stupid. I told Gallas not to give them the ball back. It is my responsibility and I will do it again. Fair play is not to cheat. It is one thing to be injured and another to pretend to be injured."

The FA found Mourinho guilty of misconduct and fined him £5,000 last season for alleging that Manchester United players were guilty of "fault and fault and cheat and cheat" during their Carling Cup semi-final first leg at Stamford Bridge.


does he actually have time to manage Chelsea, with all of his spouting off?

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