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Craft beer in cans

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If you're buying beer and draft isn't available, how do you feel when it gets served in a cans (and not a bottle) - is it something that puts you off buying it or are you not bothered? 

Reason I ask is that 2 of the 4 breweries that currently supply us are winding down bottle production and moving to cans - this includes two of out top five sellers. We've always been "bottle only" - 'cos I'm not a can fan. Trying to work out whether we should just suck it up and sell these in cans - or look for other bottled beers from other breweries to replace them. 


We don't do massive volumes of booze, so cans/bottles mean we can offer a substantial range of stuff (25 different beers and 8 ciders at the moment) as they can just sit there until needed. Draft (keg or cask) isn't a practical option for us.

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