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what is the single best episode of television you’ve ever watched

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Pine Barrens is a fantastic episode but the right answer is Blue Comet (the penultimate episode where Phil Leotardo starts taking out Jersey).  The ending of Tony going up to his old bedroom, assault rifle in hand, is iconic.  That episode is closely followed by Long Term Parking (the one where Adriana gets taken out).  Amazing TV.

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Where's Case ? Surely he must have some Coronation Street greats.


Jack (to a weeping Vera) 'What's the matter luv'?

Vera 'Oh Jack, it's me mam, she's had a heart attack and died'

Jack 'Oh no. where was this chuck?'

Vera 'At Bingo, I just got a call from her friend who was with her'

Jack 'Did anybody check her card?'

Vera 'Oh Jack, how could you!!'

Jack 'but she might have won!!'

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