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yeah it's great. I listed to episodes 1-6 so far. So should have 3 to listen to on Saturday, will fill in a bit of time on a flight back to the US!


It's great, pretty gripping stuff. And it seems to have exploded in popularity recently!

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:yawn:I've already backlashed and am back into this ;)


It's excellent radio/podcasting.


Slate do a podcast about the podcast, which is interesting enough and passes some of the time between episodes. Can't believe we have to wait until Dec 4th for the next one.



It's also worth reading the blog of Rabia Chaudry, who brought it up to Sarah Koening in the first place.



There's also all sorts of Reddits about the case/podcast but I haven't dared enter that rabbit hole yet.

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I'm finding the journalistic side of it almost as fascinating as the story itself. It's an incredibly ambitious project with no definitive ending. They could have (and might still) ended up with egg on their faces by starting it before coming to any sort of clear opinion on it. Koenig was interviewed a few weeks back and said she's 70% certain about how it's going to end.


The Reddit FAQ is worth reading once you've caught up, kind of summarises everything we've heard and adds a little context without spoiling anything. A few interesting points from it that haven't come up in the series yet:



- They found hairs on Hae's body that didn't match hers, they tested Adnan's but it didn't match. They weren't tested against anyone else

- They found clothes fibres on Hae's body that didn't match hers, again they didn't match any of Adnan's

- They took soil samples from the area Hae was buried and tested them against soil found on Adnan's shoes but there was no match.



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I can't remember if she's mentioned trying to talk to Don at all, also it would be interesting to know when each episode is recorded - I found it interesting that she mentioned Hae's family in the latest one, just at the time when I'm most aware of criticism in relation to their exclusion up to this point.


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No episode next week as its thanks giving. I'm gutted. I want to know. It's weird they might come to no conclusion but its amazing to listen to. Gives you a whole mad perspective of the complexities of such a case. Very cerebral and very this American life. Perfect radio. Episode 09 mentioned that people had mailed her or got in contact that week having listened to the show which made me realise that it is (in theory anyway) a week by week show rather than well editited production done months ago where it swings from one side to the other each week depending on how they want to edit it for the audience. Not sure if that's true but either way its so engaging.


Hats off to the researchers and editors as they are brilliant.

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Incredible that the defence lawyer or police didn't check if the Best Buy had a payphone.

The whole thing is so weird, the only logical other suspect from the people we've been introduced to is Jay. How would he know the facts he did if he wasn't involved?


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I love this. Ripping through them on the commute into work though, gonna be caught up by the end of the week and only started on Friday.

What's This American Life all about? Worth downloading?

Yes yes and yes again. Best radio in the world. You've got over 500 hours of free downloads too.
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