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Stewart Lee


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He'll forever by a YNWA fave just for mocking A@A on his website.


And it's still there!




"Stewart Lee is about as funny as a car crash. He really is the most boring comedian out there. I thought he was unfunny last time I saw him. Surely a tiny requisite for being a comedian is to be at least slightly funny? A total hypocrite - he has a go at people making money from writing books - which is something he does and then goes on to make other points that he himself does. Stewart Lee is just a hypocritial, unfunny, weird looking gobs***e. He'd be crap on Top Gear.

He seems to be from the Jack Dee school of unfunny monotone comments that are just comments. Not funny comments or ones you agree with. Most of the laughter comes across as sympathy 'Wow, this fella is really boring and as funny as my cat eating whiskers'. I think Stewart Lee is a total c**k, unfunny as a dose of the clap and boring as s***e and therefore don't watch him. He had a go at Clarkson for making money off a book. He himself makes money off books. The 'comedian' had a go at someone else for making money off books. And he makes money off books himself. He is saying 'not good' for something he does himself. = Hypocrite. An unfunny c**k. " Andy@allerton, redandwhitekop.com



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Always admired Lee, if not totally immersed in his work, but the last couple of times I'v watched clips on-line he has had gratuitously nasty digs at Scousers/Liverpool.


I know his comedy can often involve confronting prejudices or stereotypes by aping them, but the tone made me feel uncomfortable. Am I being precious and getting the wrong end of the stick?

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There's an interview with him in the New Statesman in which he touches on the Liverpool jokes:


"Likewise, there was a bit in the last telly series where I make fun of Paul Nuttalls [sic] from the Ukips by using stereotypes of Liverpool about him. And one of the stereotypes about Liverpool I included was that they have a penchant for sentimentality, and sort of thinking of it in terms of the music and nostalgia-based comedy they had with Tom OConnor in the 70s and whatever, and one or two people came up to me who seemed to think I was making fun of attitudes to Hillsborough, which hadnt occurred to me at any point. Had I thought people would think that, I would have done it differently.


I dont mind causing offence when I intend to, but I dont like causing it accidentally."

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