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BT Broadband oddity


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My in-laws recently moved from TalkTalk to BT for their broadband

They've long had a little netgear modem/wireless router thing. Recently they had a power cut, after which they lost all internet access. So they call BT who said they'd come out "next week". In the interim, Father-in-Law whizzed out to buy a new netgear jobbie to make sure the equipment was not fried, and still no internet access


Eventually, the BT chap came along and plugged in his magic bhox and said that he was getting all the correct signals at the wall. So he popped out to his van, grabbed one of the BT wireless router hub things as advertised by the very annoying students and.. bingo. broadband back instantly. Father in law asked the chap to swap back to BOTH the Netgear boxes and neither had any net access through them. ONLY the BT box works


FiL chose no BT box as he had a box (now has 2!) and saw no need for the BT one but it seems that the BT line protocols are set to work with the BT box and no/very limited others. They "GIVE" you the box. This is out of the kindness of their tiny hearts and as a promise they made to their dying grandmothers. That or they get something off the box that they can use to make money off you on the sly. I wonder which one it is...

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It's neither of those. Standardising the kit in your house (or your FiL's in this case) means they can support it easily when their offshore support teams etc have to follow a script.

It'd be almost impossible to diagnose any issues if every customer had a different router..


"Can you just click on the top tab that says 'settings' please.."

"I haven't got that tab"


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It's actually the opposite. You can use any router if you have BT broadband but its very hard to use the Home Hub on another companies BB!

Most people are happy with the standard router and its only those on very long lines or techies who need something else.

Don't forget to get them registered for BT Sport and you can use the app to watch footy!

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