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Dick Cheney & Sarah Palin

New York Red

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Cheney has to be the most evil politician in the history of the Western World. What a horrible, arrogant, wicked, conniving c*cksucker. I just watched the new documentary about him and he made my blood pressure get to dangerous levels.


Then you have this nitwitted c*nt from Alaska piping up this morning about the correspondents dinner. Evil and idiocy from the Republican icons and the masses lap it up.


They will become like the Whigs before long. God riddance.

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Sarah Palin or Arlene Foster.


Go on. Admit it. You mean Arlene Foster. Don't ye? A big, champ-eatin' farmer's daughter.



She's feckin minging. Sarah's blouse is always struggling not to pop open under the strain, and she'd have to keep her glasses on.


She's a siren.

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