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Am up for one tomorrow morning.


I have my examples ready, my follow ups prepared and intend to astonish them with my repertoire of wit and repartee.


Sartorially, should I wear a dark suit, blue/white striped shirt and red tie? Black shoes obviously but black or gray socks?


Would a hankie in my top pocket be too effete?


Opening lines of introduction?

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a board? what a pile of s*** and complete waste of time.


"so what are your ambitions"

"to get to your lofty levels so I can spend all day talking abut people and not doing any f***ing work you twonks"



dress like cousin eddie.



It's the way it's done these days, it must be in some HR handbook. A great way to keep more HR suits on the payroll and give the appearance of doing something productive.

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If that had been an option ..................


I have spoken to a number of other candidates who had similar 'Hammer House of Horror' experiences. I would have stood a better chance had I sat answering their questions with a chicken on my head. Still all is not lost as I have another interview for a juicy post tomorrow. I might attend wearing my Edward Scissorhands costume as an indication of my capacity to multitask.


I'll keep you apprised.

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