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Big squad overhaul likely this summer ?

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Seems like we've somehow got round again to that phase again when we have lots of players who get cleared out and fetch money this summer. Transfer fees shouldn't be the issue for the next phase of squad rebuilding. Getting it right (given our disastrous hit rate in the transfer market) and being prepared to commit to the right wage levels will be.


Those who are saleable might include this job lot :


Carroll £12m

Downing £9m

Skrtel £9m


Borini £8m

Coates £5m

Assaidi £3m


Pacheco £2.5m

Spearing £2m

Ngoo £1.5m

Flanagan £1m


Total : £53m


if the lot got shifted we'd need :


A first team forward

A young/squad winger

2 First team level centre backs

1 left back

1 centre mid


Send out on loan : Suso, Shelvey


like a new signing : Kelly.



NB This isn't a back door attempt at a transfer thread, though it may become one. For that I'm unrepentant.

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