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Gunga Din

Deadpool 2012

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Its that wonderful time of year again, the season of goodwill, people exchange cards and gifts, and pick 15 people who wont see 2013.


SO once again, here are the rules. entries to be in by midnight on December 31st 2012.


Rules for Deadpool 2012


A new rule this year is that Thatcher is not allowed to be picked, everyone picks her and the mockering gods are keeping her alive to spite us. Other than that, the rules are pretty much unchanged from last year



the cut off date for entry is midnight on December 31st 2010. if you aren't in by then, you ain't playing

15 picks again

scoring is 100 minus the persons age at time of death, no one under 18 allowed to be picked

two picks can be a joker that get double points

deaths in January get 25 bonus points

No one scheduled for execution can be picked

please use actual full names, not nicknames, not abbreviations, not vague 'her off that telly programme' references. FULL AND PROPER NAMES ONLY when selecting your picks, as this makes it easier for the scorer

players must not murder their picks, because thats cheating. and cheating is wrong.

anyone dying of unnatural causes such as suicide, murder or accident earns 50 bonus points

if your pick dies between now and the new year, tough titty, pick a replacement


Your nominees Eligibility


To be in the competition a nominee has to qualify as a celebrity by appearing as an entry in Wikipedia. Dates of birth and death will be checked against the Wikipedia entry. Any sources of information relating to the nominee's age (including birth certificates, death certificates, press statements from the nominee's own family and the like) will be discounted completely - Wikipeadia is king as far as Deapdool points are concerned. Anyone challenging this will have a 25 point deduction and will have to carry the line 'I love Roy Hodgson.' in their YNWA profile for the next year

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