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Maths HELP


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I hated maths and my hatred derived from being crap at it. This has not changed.


Bootser III has just entered 'Big School'. I can abide the Latin, History etc but Maths!!!!


His homework contains examples like this:


Write the following products in index form 11 x11x11x7x3x11x3 WTF is all that about????????????????? Here are some more, find the value of : 2 Little 2 x 3 x 7 and 2 little 3 x 3 little 3 x 5


and more, write the following products in index form 11 x 11 x11. Find the value of 9 little 2. One more value of 5 little 3.


I'm off to pick him up from footy training so want to impress him on our return.



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