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Outlook help.....


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We've just been chas accredited in here and have been sent an image by chas to put on our emails. How come the same file I use on one computer turns out to be a completely different size on another?



is the answer because someone has fiddled with the settings on the photocopier? :unsure:

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If you launch the advanced editor in the signature picker it will open word and you can save the image in there as htm.


Its worked ok for an image we use so worth a bash


There's no advanced editor in 2007 is there? I remember you were able to do it on 2000 alright.


Its so wierd as I'm following the exact same process each time of:


- Tools

- Options

- Mail Format

- Signatures

- Select Picture (from server)

- Insert.


Comes in at 2 different sizes on each machine. Feckin ridiculous this.

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Typed it as I heard it as it ain't in no school book.


Your part of the world so I'll defer.



'Defer', hehe, no need Knoxy just having a gentle piss take 'cos you're a jolly nice bloke.


Unlike that old c*nt with the bald head and bad attitude.

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