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Record Breaker!


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From the Beeb



UK team breaks steam car record

The steam car at Edwards air base, in California's Mojave Desert, on Wednesday morning

The engineers began four days of record attempts on Wednesday


A team of British engineers has broken the longest-standing world land speed record in California.


Their steam car, Inspiration, recorded a speed of 139.843mph (225.06km/h) at Edwards air base, in the Mojave Desert, smashing the record set in 1906.


For the Federation International Automobile record, the Hampshire-based team had to finish two runs in opposite directions, less than an hour apart.


American Fred Marriot held the record set in 1906 of 127mph (204km/h).



I don't know anyone who has broken such a long-standing record

Charles Burnett III, driver


In the first run the British team achieved a speed of 132.755mph (213.65 km/h).


The 25-foot-long, three-tonne "kettle" was driven by Charles Burnett III from Lymington in Hampshire.


Speaking from California, he said: "I wouldn't like to leave it this close again, it was the last but one day we had to do this.


"It's a culmination of 10 years of work for the team.


"I don't know anyone who has broken such a long-standing record, it's great."


The car will be brought back to England and will end up at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.





So they spend a vast fortune (original budget was £650k) and have the advantage of 103 years of technological advancement and all they can achieve is 12mph extra. And they get to put the car in a museum. Should be ashamed of themselves :popcorn:

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