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database problem


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Does anyone know how difficult it might be to set up a system to manage the loaning/return of equipment?


Basically, I have a bank of equipment (cameras/tripods/digital voice recorders etc) that i need to manage somehow. Students loan the items and I need a system whereby I (or the info officer) can input the borrower's details - give them a loan period - and email them when it is due back etc and for the system to update itself when things are in/out etc. I want to know exactly who has what and for how long...


I would also like to be able to check what is out on loan and what is due back in some other sort of view/print out.

we're doing this on paper at the moment as an emergency set up and it's a mess - our ICTS team are up to their eyes and probably won't be able to help


I'm no whizz at databases :(

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