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The iPhone app thread


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I finally got an iPhone last week and I'm looking to add apps to it, which ones would you recommend?


My favourites so far are




Peggle - addictive, kind of like those Japanese pinball type games

Fieldrunners - Tower Defence type game

Ragdoll Blast - ingenious physics games

Drop 7 - simple but addictive game, kind of like Sudoku crossed with Tetris

Rolando - hard to describe, kind of a platform game with a twist

Flight Control - another simple but addictive game, basically you're a air traffic controller




iLike - calendar of gigs in your town

Accuweather - really accurate weather forecat

Eirtext Pro - Lets you use your free webtexts on your phone (originally an Irish program but works with o2.co.uk too)

MybatteryLife - handy utility which tells you exactly how much is left on your battery

Shazam - identifies songs just by listening to them through the mic

Air Mouse - turns your iPhone into a wireless mouse

Wunderradio - lets you listen to pretty much any radio station with an online stream, has over 30,000 stations

Epicurious - really handy food and drink recipe app, can be configured to suit all standard of chef

Ted - lets you stream all the latest and greatest Ted talks

Wikipanion - better interface for Wikipedia

Run Pee - tells you when a boring bit is coming up in films so you can...Run and pee

Simplify - Lets you stream music from any computer to your phone

Local Picks - Handy restaurant reccommendations based on your location, uses the TripAdvisor database

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