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I can't listen to 'Confirmation' by Charlie Parker without thinking of the fact that it was the last composition of his own that he ever recorded in a studio. One of the first songs he actually wrote, around ten years beforehand, but he was off being a prick. I can hear "Con-fir-mation" in the end bit of the head and it makes me cry.


But he was a bona fide, tick-all-the-boxes c***! Mingus used to beat the s*** out of anything that was remotely more white than he was. Miles, before he'd paint, used to sit at home taking coke specifically to piss off anybody white who'd ever call. And then there's the comparitively USEless pricks you follow when you're young on top of that.


Monk is the only sound one out of them all. Haha! And he's the one they all reference. Any of them, they couldn't have gone up inside the "intervals", as Bird said, without him. The thirteenths. He's the one that did it like it shoudl be done. Cheeks sucked in, who gives a s***, it's sweat is it, drugs, I'm backstage, I'd like some booze, where's the Countess, circular, where's Nelly, nice.


Probably a reaction to the dismissors of the Jackson. And look at the Blues c****, like your man Sonny from that black-andwhite documentary where he's on his last legs as an alcho and they're all telling him to shut up.


p.s. I also feel angry that 'Holiday in Cambodia' is not from now.

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