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Last summer transfer window


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Many say that we did great this year INSPITE of having a rubbish window. Is there a chance that we had a great season BECAUSE of it?


We tried to fit Keane into the setup at the start but it wasnt working and we looked laboured when we had the ball. The moment Rafa started dropping Robbie, we looked like a better team even though the press had a field day everytime he did. When Rafa took that punt and sold him once and for all, we improved beyond belief and had a great run towards the end of the season. Dossena never played too much, but Aurelio's fitness meant that he played for a large part of it and had a great season himself. Arbeloa too shouldered responsibilty after Finnan's departure and was one of the better rightbacks in the league. I think its easier for someone whose been in the setup for a bit to do that instead of a newcomer.

Although Riera was the opposite of that. He started brilliantly for us and looked the part. He had a couple of poor spells in the season but looked like a decent buy. But again, when Benayoun was given a run in the side our entire forward line looked more fluid and we scored a lot of points towards the end of the year.


The Gerrard and Torres partnership wasnt seen too often this year. But the others, players who had been here for a while took up responsibility and looked like they'd gelled. Any chance that the fact that we saw the same first team for almost two years was the reason for our fluidity? We were sluggish at the start of the year but looked like the most attacking team towards the end.


Or am i just making too much out of a nothing idea?

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