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Quite a Sunday morning i had


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Woke up at 5.00am with really bad pains in my chest. Took some pain killers and rennies thinking its heart burn. Tried to go back to sleep and after about an hour got up to have a shower as it just wouldnt shift. By 8.00am i rang NHS direct and they sent me down to A&E


As soon as i got there they hooked me up to ECG's, had chest X rays and loads of blood tests. Not surprisingly i was absolutely s***ting it. All came back negative thankfully and they said it was definately not my heart and must be something gastric or muscular but werent quite sure. Sent me away with some industrial pain relief.


Its almost completely gone now. I feel like a bit of a fraud but i was in bloody agony all day and night yesterday. :unsure:

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