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New landlord


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We have a lovely rural pub near us, it just closed down for a refurb and the new 'Guvnor' has moved in. He's a Cockernicky, Norf London mate and a right 'don't mess with me' type. Funny thing is it's not even a rough pub that needs sorting out, most of the locals are fine. I met him last night, what a c**k!! He spends his life telling everybody who'll listen how hard he is, all the stories of his days working the door in rough houses up the 'smoke'. He thinks everybody is a bumpkin and should be scared of him.


Well some might be but not all, a gang of teenagers nicked his dog and sent him a ransom note. :lol:


He got it back two days later, reckons he's gonna kill 'em when he finds out who they are.... :cool:

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Perhaps you should round up a van load from the Huntercombe and take them down the pub for a big night out.



Not been in there for years mate. You never hear of any problems in there though, the police are pretty hot on the boozers around our way. They're randomly sending in drug officers and dogs now checking for evidence of coke in the pub toilets, the landlords are now doing something to stop it at last. Personally I'm sick to feckin death of kids getting off their heads locked in the urinals every time you go for a piss. Probably an old man's thing but I hate it.

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Apparently he's now taken a sledgehammer to the local bus stop because 'kids' congregate there outside his pub in a 'menacing manner'. :ohmy:

I think that taking a slegehammer to the local kids rather than the bus stop would have been a more pro-active and successful way in ensuring the kids don't congregate there.

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