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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Around the world in 80 (Or more!) posters!

Andy @ Allerton

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The way this works is:


We start in a place (Liverpool) Then you can move in any direction you want WITHIN 30 miles - and so on.


The ONLY Rules are:


* The next location HAS to be within 30 miles of the previous location

* The next location HAS to have been visited by the poster that posts the name

* The next location CANNOT have been used already

* The next location can be a town or city or even a location not used (This could be a building or a park or anything else that is permanently in that area)



So! Starting at Liverpool - where are we off to next?!

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Why do you need to cross the Oceans?


One bit of Russia isn't too far from Alaska and there are other routes around ;)



Well that's the Pacific sorted.


Now all we need is some posters who have trekked from Svalbard to Baffin Island and we're sorted.

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I'm wondering how small Andy thinks the world is if he expects to cross it in 80 posts with 30 mile jumps.

The first 8 jumps have taken us a grand total of 8 miles from Liverpool.

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