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Star Wars figures

Earl Hafler

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Someone came into work last week with four very large boxes of Star Wars figures, models etc. Now i know a few years ago they were doing silly money but i'd not seen any of the originals for awhile and thought the market might have fallen through the floor.



£500 for a Boba Fett :blink: This guys also got a replica helmet signed by Jeremy Bulloch.


Never a dull day in my job. Looks like Monday and Tuesday will be spent cataloguing some toys as no one else wants to :popcorn:

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I could do with Miss Laid ;)


There's enough stealing in the antiques business. I've heard of a family paying a firm for a house clearance and the removal men finding close to £100,000 in cash in drawers, under beds etc and not informing the owners.


I get more pleasure out of telling someone that the bowl they thought was worth £20 is actually worth £300.


It's probably from realising i know more than them :hmm:

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I have no time to converse your dolls with you, I must be first to register my disgust on the internet regarding the new Star Wars film. The action was dismal and the nudity was frustratingly fleeting.

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About 10 years ago a lad I knew was depressed and went about buying loades of the old star wars stuff he had as a kid in a cheer himself up therapy, it worked too. He bought a Boba Fett in a dusty old box from an old toy shop in the east Coast sea side resort of Hunstanton. He was very chuffed as it was just like the one he had as a kid, and still in the box, and only cost him £8.00. BUT, unfortuantely, it had an actual net on his back, instead of the plastic moulded fake net that his favourite playing toy had. He though it must have been a home repaire job. Imagine his joy and relief from depression when he found out that the common plastic moulded fake net came about because the actual net version on th original run of toys was too expensive and fiddley to make when the toys became uber-popular!

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