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My Uncle Bill

charlie clown

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Don't know if any of you will remember this but a few years back I posted a story on here about my Uncle Bill, one of the most gentle, decent and lovely fellas you could hope to meet.... he first got married many years back, before I was born and his forst wife died very young, after a while he re-married and had a reasonably settled family for a while.


After he retired, about 12 years back, his wife wanted to move house out to the country so to fund the move and help pay off the increased mortgage and to put money into his retirement fund, he went out to work again in India and Saudi for about 8 years during which time he had about 4 weeks at home each year. Turned out that all the time he was away, his missus had her boyfriend living in the house and was spending his pension fund - holidays in Egypt, extravagant furnishing for the house etc. - basically milked him dry so that when he did eventually retire he was more or less homeless and pennyless.


He's spent the last few year's living in a tiny rented terraced house on his own, his wife died a couple of years back so he did eventually get the house back, but he sold it off without ever going back in there and gave the money to his two kids - he couldn't face having to deal with what he saw as money tainted with a whole lot of very bad memories and betrayal.


Anyway, he died this weekend. He's been ill for a while but this last week it turned really bad and he passed away yesterday evening. So RIP Bill, one of nature's real gentlemen and a man who deserved a hell of a lot better than he ever got .

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