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Night Nurse


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anyone have trouble sleeping?


get on this then

it says 'may cause drowsiness' on the label


may? may? put it this way: It was a special occasion last night and I was in the Smoke


at 5 am, I felt strangely energetic and euphoric, when I should have been tired


by drinking only thrice the recommended dose I was fast asleep at 6am and today, slept all the way home, only waking up for the Chinese meal on the way home


I'm still shattered now



big session in the gym tomorrow morning , to chase the demons out of my system


Night Nurse: you can snort or swallow anything you want and still come up smiling the next day (always go for a run 2 days later, to get everything out of your system - kids, just stay no! thinking of taking up drugs? don't do it, at the very least it makes you talk utter s**** for hours)

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