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My mate's brother is as mad as a feckin hare, lovely fella but he was feckin mental as a teenager and he's now 43, trouble is if anything he's probably worse not better. Anyway, he asked me to orgainise a mortgage for him, with his reputation as a loose cannon I anticipated all kinds of reasons why a bank wouldn't lend him the money and gave it to him straight.


'Look Nige, before we go any further and start spending your money are there any skeletons you want to tell me about?'.


'No Murph, look I know what you're thinking but I'm clean, honestly. I know I've done some daft things in my life but it's always for a giggle, I've got no grief hidden and nothing to hide apart from, and I'm still not 100% about this, I might just be possible I let a geezer suck my cockk in Thailand but if it was a bloke I didn't know, I'd never heard of Ladyboys and that c*nt Victor knew anyway but never told me the c*nt'.



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