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went to the museum today


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lived here in Liverpool for 7 years, but never been to the Museum at the stadium till today.

Some of the best cash I have spent. Really well put together and full of fantastic stories and memorabilia.

Took my wifes nephews and niece around who are from Yorkshire who I managed to groom into Liverpool fans, which they never seem to be able to thank me enough for. They were awestruck with the whole atmosphere the museum had, as was I... the overwhelming sense of pride we had as we walked through the few rooms was awesome. We went and watched One Night in May in the theatre which was full of other supporters... spine tingling stuff even though I have seen it umpteen times before..

It was great seeing the trophy cabinet. It was beautiful to see the achievements all summed up down that corridor. Seeing Big Ears and now the FA Cup and Charity shield was awesome. I wanted to ask how much I could buy Alonso's CL final boots for, it was awesome seeing stuff like that.


highly recommend anyone not been before to bring yer kids up before the summer hols are finished. I want to go again tomorrow now!

So proud to be a Liverpool fan..

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