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Golfers Around Liverpool

charlie clown

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I usually do one of about 5 or 6, the first two or three are around Warrington, the others a bit further out:


Walton Hall - municpal course but very nice despite that, decent challenge

Bold Heath - ex-farmland so pretty flat and dull but well maintained (went round tehre with Robbie Fowler once)

Antrobus - also ex-farmland but a bit of a better course.

Widnes municipal - roaming packs of scal;lies ellking golf balls and 'streams' that dissolve the end of your club if it goes in teh 'water' but if yo u can get past that, and the bloody awful smell, its not too bad a course for a run-down muni.

Altrincham - municipal - not bad but there are are a couple of public pathways across it so your games is interrupted by 15 year olds pushing babies round and old dears walking their dogs all the time.

Shrigley Hall near Macclesfield - superb course, one of the best around

Oaklands near Tarporley - the next best, love playing there

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