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I hate making decisions.


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Got the chance to buy an old Porsche ? nice car but maintenance could be a bugger. I don?t actually NEED it but my current car has nearly 200K on it and won?t last too much longer (I?ve been saying that for the last 2 years). I could buy it and use it as my everyday car or I could hold on to my current car and run it into the ground ? whoich could be tonight and the outlay on getting another car could easily be as much as buying the Porsche.


I want the Porsche but I?m trying to be all adult about it. However with 3 kids I can hardly use it as a backup to our main car.


Arrrgh. Worst still my wife thinks it?s a good idea and that I should buy it.


Not gonna f***ing let her drive it.



I?ve got about 10 hours to make my mind up and I don?t know what to do.


Oh yeah ? and the Porsche will be an absolute bastid to drive in the winter here?.


Its only $3k though?. (and its red :thumbs: )

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