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  1. 11-4 we are to win the league, 5-2 with the majority of bookies. I’m opening my shoulders next week, and having a bash. Win, lose or draw, that is a gift of a price, in what is shaping up to be a two-horse race. Before Shergar won the 1981 Derby, Richard Baerlein famously wrote, ‘now is the time to bet like men’. I’m feelin’ it!
  2. Conrad is entitled to his opinion, but he does have an agenda with Robertson. I’m gonna have to really start watching him more closely in games, as I reckon his delivery and production is pretty good. I also rate him as one of the best signings we ve made in years, bringing qualities to the club that money just can’t buy. I wouldn t swap him for any other left back in the world. Perhaps Conrad is just a s*** judge. People often are.
  3. A case for Moreno over Robertson? Firstly, Robertson is 100pc every game, he’s mustard and reliable. He’s been fine going forward, his options and outlets have been s***e. Moreno is a terrible option on so many levels, how you can arrive at the conclusion he might be an option to replace Robertson is, in my opinion, a bit nuts.While I’m at it, Gomez is a Roller at CB, Lovren is not in his league, and I don’t want to see Gomez at RB for us again unless we’re in dire straits, and we’re not even close to that.
  4. Lallana’s best for us was good, but also fleeting. Klopp loved him in that good spell of form and he’d be a better starter in the system we play. However, we’re talking about a bench option and Lallana offers fack all in that role, he annoys the hell out of me, running round in circles, offering very little. His recent injury problems offer another reason why this is a signing we should be making, on top of spending fortunes on starters. Lastly, if Lallana is a regular starter next season, then it means we’ve had a mare this summer, and we’re winning f*** all.
  5. Ok, but the Charlie Adam comparison is daft. He’s got pedigree, and rather than go over old ground highlighting positives, I think some of the comments regarding his potential signing are wide of the mark. We’re talking about a squad player, here, somebody that will improve the bench, and he really does.
  6. I hope you’re wrong. I’d be happy to have him around the squad, as he’s capable of making a difference from the bench. We’re not stacked with quality sub options and for around 12mill, we’d be daft not to bring him in. We can’t pad the squad with 30-40mill players right the way through, and I reckon he represents sensible business. I don’t care that he’s not a runner, I don’t care that he’s poor at tracking back. We have plenty of deep options to provide cover. He’s capable of breaking down a stubborn defence, he’s got an eye for goal and for a quality option off the bench, for the money being
  7. What a shocking thing to say. Awful performance from him tonight, but I’m a lot more upset thinking any of our fans could say something like that, even if he’d let 10 in through his legs.
  8. Very strong chance new coaching addition will be a former LFC midfielder (tidy player, nowt more). Talks ongoing, by no means over the line, but very close.
  9. And if it's true, I actually quite like it, we'll score goals.
  10. Is the rumoured team similar to this? 3-4-3 formation. Sterling up front, with Lallana and Coutinho in behind. Midfield involving Gerrard and Allen holding, Henderson and Moreno on the wings. Back three of Toure, Skrtel and Johnson. Vague and making an educated guess with the defence (keeper wasn't mentioned) but certain about first five names and their positions.
  11. I reckon he'll be out for a bit, pulled up sharp while sprinting (G Nev chasing him, believe it or not!), didn't look great, apparently.
  12. Strongly disagree with most of that. After the Swansea game at Anfield last season, I was of the opinion that Bony had impressed me more than any other visiting striker. His hold up play was immense, his ability in the air was unquestionable and he worked his large backside off. Having said that, a Sturridge/Bony combo isn't guaranteed to work. However, due to the lack of world class names being linked with us at the moment, combined with the need to bring in more ammo up front, I would happily take Bony at 20mill over Remy at 10mill. Remy is good but I reckon Bony is better. If Rodgers decid
  13. Don't think so, footballers of today barely wipe their own arses let alone carry boots.
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