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  1. shanklyn

    Welcome VvD

    Definate MOM for me today, the best centre half ive ever seen.
  2. Imagine Mbappe walking out in our new kit Our opposition would practically give up before the start.
  3. shanklyn

    Android Boxes

    Ive bought loads of A95x F1 and they cant be beaten for £20. Never let me down, Just buy a £5 keyboard and your laughing. Runs iptv a dream.
  4. Cant see why Shaq cant play Bobbys role and keep our front 3 as normal. Think everyone would be more comfortable.
  5. Aah the days of Koptalk like "moment of clarity" . Good times
  6. http://zoneland90.blogspot.com/p/3-tips-to-find-cheapest-health_87.html?m=1
  7. Trents balls have been awful today. Think Ox has been decent so far.
  8. Thought he was f***ing great tonight.
  9. shanklyn

    Android Boxes

    Ive had loads of boxes in the last few years, for the money an a95x f1 box is brilliant. £20-£25 2gb 16gb and 4k. My iptv runs perfect.
  10. shanklyn

    Wolves (Sunday)

    Amazed he hasn't had a slap off one of ours yet.
  11. Same fat guy with a red originals top in every video. Looked like an England away game last night there. Shameful.
  12. Progress was not the right word admittedly
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