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  1. Definitely the worst I've ever seen in a long, long time. I also just wish people would stop suggesting that selling one of the best players in the world is somehow a good idea.
  2. Fantasy league winner. For the first time. Nice escape from reality that game!
  3. They are indeed. Madrid tried to pressurize Barca at source (Xavi) last weekend and he went and had another superb match.
  4. betterman


    I really think we do. We need another good centre forward, tonight doesn't change that.
  5. betterman

    Stoke Away

    That's accepted. But we had stick throwers in that team, not archers, no matter who is up front. Sure our midfield were happy to let the back four hoof aimless balls all day, didn't see anyone taking responsibility as per usual. They almost seem afraid to get on it at this stage.
  6. betterman

    Stoke Away

    N'Gog was far from the chief problem, I would have to defend the (admittedly limited) lad here. Must be a nightmare playing upfront for us right now. Those 'passes' lumped up at him (or more often, somewhere in that end of the field) were awful. When Torres plays up front he masks a lot of what's happened to us, one of the best forwards in the world will do that. Edit: I do accept your point about the limitations though and in a sense the team was forced on the manager this week, but that's why I made the point about the squad. Still, having said all that, we are completely negative as well as lacking options. A great combination.
  7. betterman

    Stoke Away

    Seeing as everyone seems to agree that the midfield were miles away from N'Gog (who couldn't hold the ball up anyway), why the f*** did they also seem to be miles away from our back four, who hoofed it forward aimlessly in a most ridiculous fashion? Where were they? Some of the balls lumped at N'Gog today would have made Drogba look s****. Since Alonso left we don't have a proper footballer in midfield. Not one. And I don't want to hear any b****x about breaking up play, defensive duties, donkey work etc etc
  8. betterman

    Stoke Away

    You could potentially ruin a talented youngster throwing them into the middle of this mess, unless they are one very special talent (and I don't know that we have one of those) I think that, looking at Wayne's questions, a key one missing is when did Liverpool last have such a poor squad? Granted our two best players were out injured today, but that didn't stop us beating some serious teams last year. So look at today's bench and go find a worse one. You'll be looking.... And this is ignoring the fact that some of the first team today are just not up to it at all. My huge fear now is the squad being weakened further in the months ahead, into the summer, I'm really beginning to think mid table mediocrity is a genuine fear (I know where we are right now, but I mean a sort of Everton/Spurs/Villa permanent residence) if we don't get our act together. Or it's just late and I'm losing the plot.
  9. Prepare for an awful lot of this stuff now, the more bad results the more some bitter people feel secure crawling out of the woodwork with this sort of s****. The 'eloquent, deep-thinking, midfielder' can f*** right off. That is not an interview, nor an article, that is a lewd act in a public place. I will stand up for any balanced piece of writing (criticisms of Liverpool included), but what in the name of christ is that?
  10. He does seem to be really lacking conviction and some of the substitutions have been misguided (in hindsight) to say the least. Most disappointing for me is the constant change of tactics when a lead has been gained to protect the lead, which only serves to invite teams onto us. We just can't retreat into our shell with this team, because it's incredibly fragile at the moment.
  11. betterman

    Stoke Away

    Exactly right. Still it's understandable that a lot of people want to lash out at something other than the manager and players right now. Or just something else along wit them. In my opinion we're not particularly unlucky or the victim of any great referee//football association/even media conspiracy. They carry on as they always do in good times and bad. We are just massively under-performing and playing absolutely woeful football and have been for some time.
  12. I know, French man gives interview in France, no wonder they couldn't understand him. Pussy is right. And Roberto Martinez too for backing down on his excellent comments about the Fergie love in. And Arshavin for rowing back (less so, in fairness) on his criticisms of Arsenal etc etc etc Wonder are any of these journalists taping these interviews at all. Cos if they are and the footballer goes for the usual lost in translation bulls*** why not leak the comments and sink the lying f*****s altogether.
  13. He definitely has a point about Lampard, but any other season recently he wouldn't have had any justification really. As usual he'll have done himself more harm than good with that interview though. And you would have though his chances would have increased too as they're likely to go with one up front now, which may also see Lampard getting a few goals again.
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