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Almost 25% of all our goals this season


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Excluding the pre-season friendlies we've scored 60 goals so far this season in all competitions and out of these 60 goals 14 have been scored by subs.... :o


The 14 goals:



2 x Gerrard


LFC-Kaunas 2-0

1 x Gerrard + 1 x Cisse


CSKA Moskva-LFC 1-3

2 x Cisse


B'Ham-LFC 2-2

1 x Luis Garcia + 1 x Cisse


LFC-West Ham 2-0

1 x Zenden


LFC-Anderlecht 3-0

1 x Cisse


LFC-Portsmouth 3-0

1 x Morientes


Bolton-LFC 2-2

1 x Garcia


Luton-LFC 3-5

2 x Pongolle

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I remember in the Ged golden years we had a simialrly excellent ratio of subs scoring and changing games



Yes indeedy. GH was always talking about how vital substitues were to his game plan. You had the impression with Houllier that he more or less made the substitutions he was going to make before kick-off.

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